Maiba Trading has its own business partners from where it supplies raw materials for the plastics processing industry to businesses all over world. Maiba Trading takes care of the complete distribution process, from the factory to the processor. We are able to guarantee our clients consistent quality for the right price thanks to years of experience, strict quality requirements and long-term collaborative partnerships.



 The plastics recycling market is highly dynamic. Together with the rest of the sector, our company is facing enormous challenges. The key to our success is our commitment and drive to innovate and develop successful strategies for the future. This is what gives us our cutting edge. Together with our partners, we facilitate positive developments in the industry and search for opportunities for growth.



 Maiba Trading is a completely independent operator. This enables us to respond quickly and effectively to changes in the market. We are also proud of our long-term collaborative partnerships, which enable us to offer our clients continuity, high quality and excellent service. Over the years, Maiba Trading has developed a large network of specialists all around the world. We focus on achieving our clients’ goals, every day anew!